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ArticleA Christian Confidence for the Future of Our PlanetAbstract File
ArticleA Christian’s Calling in the End TimesAbstractFile
ArticleA Deeply Concerning Look at Christian Festivals and Holy DaysAbstractFile
ArticleA Message to all all Christian Believers in this Third MillenniumAbstractFile
BlogA Modern Day Soothsayer on the Future of the PlanetBlog
BlogA Short Tale About an Old BlokeBlog
ArticleAdam and Eve’s Contribution to the WorldAbstractFile
ArticleAlien Spacecraft at WorkAbstractFile
ArticleAnd Man became a Living SoulAbstractFile
ArticleAre Spiritual Gifts Still Bestowed Upon Disciples?AbstractFile
ArticleAre the Aliens Really Coming to Attack Earth?AbstractFile
ArticleBe Holy!AbstractFile
ArticleBefore Eve’s Advent, Was All of Her Femininity in Adam?AbstractFile
ArticleChristendom is Suffering From a Bad Case of SyncretismAbstractFile
ArticleDoes The Apostle Peter Guard the Pearly Gates of Heaven?AbstractFile
ArticleEaster Can Never Be a Substitute for Jesus’ Holy PassoverAbstractFile
ArticleEden and the Garden that God Planted EastwardAbstractFile
ArticleForeign Citizenship is Not An Exclusion Test Solely for ParliamentariansAbstractFile
ArticleFractured FoundationsAbstractFile
ArticleFrom 2020 to Life EternalAbstractFile
ArticleHeathen Festivals and Christian CelebrationsAbstractFile
ArticleHow Come You Lost Faith In The Bible?AbstractFile
ArticleIs Luke Chapter 20 Verse 35 a Case for Celibacy?AbstractFile
ArticleIs Your Light Bulb Working?AbstractFile
ArticleIt is Called Morality!AbstractFile
BlogIt is Definitely Not Okay to Send Your Precious Children to HalloweenBlog
ArticleLet’s Talk About the Lord’s NameAbstractFile
ArticleMyth Number 13: Satan is a Snake!AbstractFile
ArticleNoah’s FloodAbstractFile
BlogPassover Is Coming Up This Month on 14th AprilBlog
BlogPassover on Nissan 15Blog
ArticlePassover Roast Lamb Meal or Chocolate Eggs and Hot Cross Buns – It’s Your ChoiceAbstractFile
ArticlePrelude to Revisiting GenesisAbstractFile
QuizCard 1QuestionsAnswers
QuizCard 2QuestionsAnswers
BlogReligious Freedom Protection: From Whom?Blog
ArticleThe Christian Church’s Challenge to Address Same Gender RelationshipsAbstractFile
ArticleThe Archived PassagesAbstractFile
ArticleThe Continuing Hunt for (Non Existent) AliensAbstractFile
ArticleThe Etymology of the Hebrew LanguageAbstractFile
ArticleThe Futility of Unregenerate Mankind to Determine His Own Eternal DestinyAbstractFile
ArticleThe Meaning of Day in Genesis Chapter OneAbstractFile
ArticleThe Postal Plebiscite Debate – Have the People Over-ruled God’s WillAbstractFile
ArticleThe Priesthood Covenant of Judah is Mankind’s Only HopeAbstractFile
BlogThe Rapture of the Church – Fact or Skillful FantasyBlog
ArticleThe Redemption PlanAbstractFile
BlogThe Royal Priesthood of All BelieversBlog
ArticleThe Seed of EveAbstractFile
ArticleThe Significance of Adam on the Hebrew LanguageAbstractFile
ArticleThe Story of Creation Revisited Through Ancient Song LinesAbstractFile
ChartThe Timeline of the Prophets of IsraelChart
ArticleThe Tipping Point – Australia in the Balance Over Same Gender RelationshipsAbstractFile
BlogThe Tower of Babel – Quest for the godsBlog
BlogThe World is Changing – Not for the BetterBlog
BlogWell it is This Time of the Year Again – What Are You Going To Do This Year?Blog
ArticleWhat Do You Believe?AbstractFile
ArticleWho Are the Most Ancient People On Earth?AbstractFile
ArticleWho Is Mitochondrial Eve?AbstractFile
ArticleWhy Christians Should Cut Charles Darwin a Bit of SlackAbstractFile
ArticleWhy Our Governments Think Aliens Are RealAbstractFile