Blog: Passover is coming up this month on 14th April.

Have you thought about doing a Passover meal on April 14th instead of that pagan chocolate egg thing and those Hot Cross buns on Sunday?

You know that the Lord will not bless any celebration to a pagan goddess and worse, has emphatically told us “You shall no other gods before me” and “You shall not eat foods offered to idols”.

Give Passover a try with your family – it’s really only a lamb meal on April 14th, a Pavlova decorated with fresh fruits served with a normal meal on 15th April and a small smorgasbord on June 6th of meats and bread plus a few whole wheat goodies with sweet grape juice to wash it down. See; simple!

Interested? Then read the full article on our Website “Passover Lamb Meal or Chocolate Eggs and Hot Cross Buns – It’s Your Choice