Blog: Well it is this Time of the Year Again – What are you going to do this year?

As the title states, it is this time of the year again and a great multitude of Christians around the world need to again address what they are going to do come April: And I am not even so sure that most Christians are aware that they have to do anything and just go on as usual while great spiritual battles rage over their heads; and this happens every year at this time.

Let me ask a straight question. What deity you think you are worshipping when you go to church – this year on April 10th and probably again on Sunday 12th. This is not a rhetorical question; it is one that demands an answer. It is one that needs to be seriously addressed by every Christian, by every Christian Church and by the Theological training fraternity in the universities that are pumping out robo-priests, pastors and ministers that are truly ignorant of the immense issue over what god you are worshipping when you roll up to celebrate Easter.

Why aren’t the elders of the congregations examining the difference between the Passover dates (this year it starts on April 8th) and Easter and then researching why this occurs every year? Surely someone must think about our Lord and Saviour, Immanuel, whom we call Jesus Christ in the English speaking counties, who was “the” Passover Lamb and the perfect and unblemished sacrifice for the atonement of the sin of mankind. Do you think that we should be looking at God’s Only Begotten Son – who incidentally is now the High Priest over “All” believers in the world and who now sits at the right hand of God his father in heaven? Shouldn’t we be saying, “Hang on! He was Jewish and was crucified on the days of Passover. What is this Easter thing doing that has made up a completely different date and carries the name of a pagan priestess prostitute?”

Well, let me implore you to at least take one tiny step to honouring our Lord and Saviour and read one article about who the “god “of this Easter festival really is. Please take the time to at least understand that there are spiritual life and death ramifications at the source of this issue and every Christian needs to make themselves aware of the lies and deceit that have been perpetrated on our societies the world over. The god of Easter is not The God of Passover. So who are you really worshipping when you celebrate Easter with your family? There is a deep truth here to be realised.

We have provided on this website quite a detailed article on Passover and Easter that lays bare the atrocities about the wolf in sheep’s clothing that have been buried since our Lord’s crucifixion. Please do yourself a favour and follow this through.

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