Blog:The Rapture of the Church – fact or skilful fantasy?

So let’s get right down to where this all kicked off from. If you are thinking that the very popular and almost universally preached Rapture of the church is going to happen before any bad stuff happens on the planet and all Christian believers will just float off into the air to be with the Lord – you are in serious jeopardy.

Many will recall the airy-fairy teaching on this by the charismatic domains – as it still is; the airline pilot will just disappear out of the jet he is flying, as will the taxi driver from his automobile and all that will be left will be a pair of shoes. The lift operator – if there would be any left in that day, and shoppers in the supermarket, office workers, trades people, farmers, policemen, doctors and the list is very extensive; will all just float off in one instant when the Lord comes back. Yes, we all remember this. Of course we do! Well I am the bearer of unwelcome news to you. That rapture is a complete falsehood perpetrated by false teachers to destroy the loyal and earnest believers in Jesus Christ the risen son of God. It is a devious swipe at believing Christians to give them false comfort about the Times of Sorrows and the Tribulation to come.

In terms of the world’s history, this rapture is a very modern theory and is not supported in scripture, and although you might be grabbing your bible to throw at me, every End Time scripture passage from both the Hebrew and the Greek Testaments including the Book of Revelation does not give any credence to this event occurring. But because it is “comfort food” to the extreme it has been gulped down and digested into what the broad worldly church thinks is God’s truth.

This common raising of all church going souls is categorically wrong in principle, it is contrary to what our Lord Jesus Christ has gone to great pains to teach us and it survives only on its own hype because there is not one scripture passage in the whole bible that describes such an event; and further more in the Book of Revelation there is no time slot where it could even happen.

It is very common that the charismatic convocations use 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 as the “gospel” for rapture but please be better informed because the Lord Jesus is not coming back into the earth until the Seals, the Trumpets and the Vials have been discharged.  He does not return before the end time battle at Idumea which leads directly onto the battle at the plain at Megiddo (Armageddon).  Even within the Thessalonian letters this “rapturous” pre-Armageddon return is not supported by 2 Thessalonians 2:2-10 which refers to a falling away first and the son of perdition being revealed that occurs well into the End Time calendar of events.  I have reviewed every End Time passage I could find in the bible and was able to assign each one into a placement order that, as mentioned, there is no time slot for such a pre-emptive return of Jesus to lift off all and sundry to heaven.

I would mention that believers should study the order of all events leading up to the End Times and in particular the last event that occurs in the Sixth Seal period.  This is where we see a great multitude that no man could count and, yes, they are saints in heaven.  The exact point is that they are saints, ie they must have been killed here on earth and are martyrs by definition and hence have been taken straight to heaven; refer Revelation 7:14.  This is clearly not “rapture” via the Lord returning before his appointed time and it is the “only” vaguely similar event that is to occur throughout the whole End Time period.

No! I feel very sorry for the ones who are being deceived about this “feel good” false teaching because it is a carefully crafted lie that in its time will cast our Lord Jesus Christ as being evil; because when this rapture does not happen as the liars said it would, Satan will appease these confused souls into thinking “he” is the truth, the light and the saviour to mankind. Make no mistake about this – the majority of the world’s Christian congregants are now in serious jeopardy of their salvation because of it.

Now pay attention! How you are feeling right now is a gauge for you to understand just how deeply ingrained that evil teaching might be entrenched in your heart. Ask Jesus our Lord for yourself and have him give you guidance and teaching – because your life might depend on it. And please let me add, that the true prophets of the Word of God as we read in the holy scriptures have said that as the End Times draw near there will be many false prophets and lying spirits that will convince the weak, the blind, the deaf and the dumb that this rapture event, and many other things, is the truth and will further convince them that those (who really know the truth from the Lord himself) will be deemed evil and in error and not of God.

This is why we all need to take quite a deep dive into the events of the Lord Jesus’ return and let the scriptures, ie The Word of God, tell us the truth. Then we all will be able to make an informed decision to “go with God” or follow the false prophets and lying preachers that are playing a musical flute right now through all of the streets of our terrestrial world gathering up literal hordes and leading them into perdition.

The End Times are not some new thing that is a product of the New Testament. There are many references to the End Times and in particular to the event of the Lord’s return contained throughout the Hebrew (Old) Testament and in fact it is surprising that there is so much spoken of about the Lord. Interesting also is that many of the Greek Testament references, including quotes of what the Lord said, were in fact quotes from the Hebrew passages.

In total, the number of relevant passages from both of the Testaments is significant and when aligned together they put perspective around John’s account of his visions in the Book of Revelation. Many will be very familiar with the difficulty of putting the events of Revelation into an understandable sequence of events and unwinding the prophetic and symbolic/metaphoric meanings; and this also is a cause of many false teachings where some will just not wait on the lord to teach them; even not believing that teaching and understanding is supposed to be given through the indwelling Holy Spirit.

The Revelation prophecy is not just a list of events that God is forewarning will occur in some future time. To the contrary, there are some very deep and meaningful messages to Christians on a personal level from God calling out individuals whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life to be holy. It is the key to unwinding the messages to the seven churches and the pathway to understanding what sainthood really means. The rest of the prophecy is a treasure trove of matters that explains in detail what makes this world tick and is preparatory for saints to be aware of what is coming their way and to understand the reasons for it.

My recommendation to all believers is spend the time and study the Book of Revelation with the Spirit of the Lord guiding your thoughts. It truly is life saving and life changing for those who hear the Lord’s call. However if Revelation is a problem, go back and start reading God’s word at Genesis.  Learn to believe and trust in Jesus who brought this whole Creation into being by his word. (The Gospel of John 1:1-14)