Blog: The World is Changing – not for the better.

If you have been otherwise occupied you might have missed the phenomenon of the uptake on social media by a plethora of people suddenly posting videos and podcasts expounding their knowledge of the End Times; and well done to them who are genuinely seeking the Lord to know the times and the signs of his imminent return with his saints and the holy angels.

But all is not so well as we would want it to be and the resulting ambiguities by many who are supposed to be bringing the Word of God to the world are in fact causing a great confusion to the congregation of the world: and let’s not beat around the bush here as there are seriously powerful dominions at play endeavouring to undermine the work of the Lord Jesus Christ and to spoil the righteous fruit of the world’s Christians.

There are a great number of fractures in the foundation beliefs of many church organisations, their ministers and priests and also their wayward congregants. These “fractures” are the work of the false prophets, opportunist preachers and lying spirits who exercise the devil’s powers to rob congregations of great sums of money through grand stage-shows that attract the young and vulnerable and teach a social gospel that we could label as situational ethics which opens the door to the philosophy of anything goes if it can be dressed to sound like it’s from God; when actually it is from another god.

All foundational fractures are evidenced through fissures that extend right through church organisations and outwork at the top where multitudes are deceived daily. Along these lines we can cite many pagan practises that are mixing falsehood with the real church through syncretism, and others that refuse to acknowledge that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead as they celebrate the power of their pagan god Sol Invictus for conquering our Lord and putting him to death (and now emblazon him on poles hanging as he might have appeared at his crucifixion).

We can cite homosexuality across the board as contributing to the skewing of the God’s truth and in particular we cannot look passed the in-your-face blasphemy of those church priests and ministers who are flagrantly waving the rainbow flag in the mainstream churches – not to mention the inexcusable covering up of child abuses that are unspeakable. We can further cite women being “ordained” by the worldly organisations to preach in churches even though God has said “don’t do it”, and as we look across the whole landscape of mankind seeking God it seems that there is everything wrong in the world’s churches leaving little that is holy and right and this has some very serious knock-on effects to up-and-coming young souls who need to hear the truth of God’s redemption plan not the desires of the flesh of unbelievers.

We should no longer wonder why the spiritual gifts from God to the churches are now pretty well non-existent when there are so very few congregations who are stepping up as disciples of Jesus Christ to the world and who are free from Nicolaitan priests and ministers and the consumption of the entrails of pagan gods and idols of old that have bloated their bodies well beyond being spiritually functional.

It is my belief that God will not bless the continuing blasphemy against Him where unholy activities are being continuously undertaken. There is a very deep message here and I can only encourage each individual to pick up the Bible and start seeking the Lord Jesus Christ on a personal level to directly give you understanding about the evil that is being perpetrated on congregations. And don’t be dissuaded by others saying that you need a priest or a minister to tell you what it all means – this is the voice of an evil spirit whose job in life is the proliferation of the Nicolaitan doctrine.

The crisis that is becoming apparent in this day is that there are so many false prophets and preachers about today that it is very hard to identify who truly belongs to the Lord. I corresponded with a fellow overseas concerning an inconsistency with his preaching about the End Times and all I received back was a note saying that he gets dozens of people daily telling him he is right or wrong so he ignores everyone and goes his own way – in error. I have been appalled at how many YouTube “prophets” and “preachers” in their magnificent edifices just follow on where the latest trend appears to be. It is apparent that instead of waiting on the Lord to teach them they copy others who preach an errant socially acceptable gospel and just churn it out.

To every earnest soul looking for Jesus Christ in their life I can strongly recommend you read the first three chapters of the Book of Revelation and with prayer you will come to understand the holy message that Jesus is sending to his saints. If you then continue to ask the Lord for further understanding of the rest of the Revelation, your life as you know it will change for ever.

So go it my friends. We are called to be saints and to be holy and to lift Jesus up in this world of sin.