Blog: It is Definitely Not Okay to Send Your Precious Children to Halloween!

Halloween derives its name and rituals from the pagan 16th century Celtic Harvest Festival that was “Christianised” through a process called syncretism into a popular convocation that was then prominent in Ireland. Its name refers to All Hallows Evening and in its correct context was dedicated to remembering those that had died.

Whilst there are a number of other modern day festivals around the world that have also been put through this process of disguising and inclusion into Christian and pseudo-Christian religious congregations, the core of the festivals are never washed clean of their pagan spirits who revel in their new found Christian homes. Putting it bluntly, a pagan festival can never be washed clean of its spiritual foundation and can never be “made” acceptable in any form to be celebrated in a Christian context.

In today’s world, Halloween rites are orchestrated to be a children’s festival consisting of “trick or treating” in disguises of witches, wizards and monsters from Hell, costume parties with the same theme, depicting grotesque heads in hollowed out pumpkins, bonfires, apple bobbing, spirit divination games and performing pranks. It also includes visiting said haunted places, telling horror stories and/or watching horror movies. Observances also sanctioned by some convocations include lighting candles on the graves of the dead and meat and other dietary practices.

So you ask the question, “What is the problem with letting our children have some fun?”

Well indeed! Let’s not stop the fun if your definition of fun is desecrating the dead, dressing up as the worst kind of witches and monsters, communicating with evil spirits (Oh you thought that was just an innocent game!) telling stories of ghoulish savagery and other despicable acts on humans and animals. I take it that you are all Okay with this?

“What was that, you didn’t think that anything was wrong with it. Well Okay then go right ahead. But don’t think for one nano-puff of a millisecond that this is acceptable to God. Let me assure you it definitely is not and you and your young family are in great jeopardy.”

Let me again tell you bluntly. If you knew the heart of God over this matter you would grovel for weeks to try and restore yourself and your family back under the protective cover of our Salvation Messiah. Why are you so blind? Where is your discernment?

If I were a martyr currently sitting at the altar of God as per Revelation 6:9, I would be appealing to God for this gross misrepresentation that was being done by Christian families to Christians of great faith from the past. Who on Earth could possibly think that these great men and women of God who were slain for the testimony of God and his Word would be nothing short of devastated to be made out to be celebrated through all of these dark and evil “fun” things – and, to top it off, we sacrifice the most innocent of our race to do it. God please help our exploited children.

This is blasphemy at its very worst. Shame on every household that professes God and who celebrates this evil festival!