Blog: A Modern Day Soothsayer on the Future of Planet Earth

We have covered this sort of material before and it seems it just gets re-hashed over and over again. So what is this soothsayer of old predicting (prophesying) now? Well we would probably run out of paper in the printer if we had to back-track all of the theories NASA and their disciples have espoused over the past sixty years concerning doomsday predictions of aliens attacking Earth, black holes eating up the solar system, asteroid strikes and a host of other manifestations in the universe that will trigger an extinction-level event (Quote from Deep Impact Movie).

This time we pick up on journalist Nick Whigham from under his headline (sic) “These events are not rare’: NASA exercise highlights existential threat of asteroid impacting Earth” – published on line 30th April 2019.

The article’s opening sentence: “It’s the doomsday scenario fit for a Hollywood Blockbuster and NASA scientists are about to see it go down.” This is a report on the upcoming 2019 Planetary Defense Conference that will be running a simulation exercise as part of a recently announced federal “action plan” for defending our planet against asteroid impacts. “More funding needed” says astronomer Alan Duffy while NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine warned that, “preparing for an asteroid impact is something that needs to be taken very seriously”, and went on the say, “This is ultimately about protecting the only planet we know, right now, to host life and that is planet Earth”.

I couldn’t help but notice Jim Bridenstine’s comment that planet Earth is the only place in the whole universe that (as far as NASA knows) hosts life. And this is it! This is the raw truth of the matter behind all of the modern prophesies about aliens and space ships. There is only life on planet Earth – just as we have been continually saying, and anything to the contrary is science-fiction. Perhaps we could even call them falsehoods and fantasies that have other underlying worldly agendas. Hmm.

Christian believers know that God purpose built the universe and specifically formed planet Earth within its own Sun solar system for the very specific purpose to put mankind on its surface to burnish and refine him so that he may be redeemed to everlasting life in heaven. But there is a catch. Natural man is just that; a body of flesh and a directionless soul who together cannot pass from terrestrial earthy life to the heavens. The flesh will die and will carry with it into oblivion the hapless soul – this is the truth for the world today and millions will perish because they either do not believe in God, or refuse the Salvation freely given by his only begotten son, Jesus our Lord God and Saviour.

Christian believers also know that when they reached out to God and believed by faith that Jesus would give them life, they received from him a new spirit that enlivened their soul and taught them how to follow in his steps. Those steps are made of rock and upon that rock will all believers rise up in the end of days and be united with God in a paradise within the heavens.

Now the point of this article is that we can agree that asteroids have probably collided into all planets in our solar system, including Earth, and hence it is not an infrequent occurrence. Most recent cases involving our planet have occurred in the northern hemisphere and have impacted our atmosphere causing deaths in communities that were in near proximity to the explosive release of the asteroid’s energy. We can understand that the governments of the world might seek a common platform toward researching these wayward celestial chunks of ice and rubbish to better understand their trajectory and risk factor of colliding within our solar system.

However, it is a step too far to suggest there is an extinction-level asteroid headed for planet Earth and we should therefore prepare for it; when in fact there is no existing information and there is no known threat to planet Earth at all. This is the philosophy of insurance companies and protection schemes that tell us we need to pay high annual fees to protect ourselves against every conceivable thing that might go wrong in our lives. And besides, obviously, an extinction-level event has only one meaning and money would not help one iota in that case.

But the real tragedy of all this is hidden. It is fear-factor 101 that these articles intend to ignite with a consequence of destabilising general society. These types of reports and particularly this subject matter dealing with interplanetary threats, whether perceived or fantasied, erode the trust that most people have in the God of the world. General Society may not have it right per se’ that God our Father and his only begotten son Jesus hold out a hand to help us step up to believing and get us going in our walk in the Kingdom of God. But none-the-less the general society has an awareness of God and I would suggest they “keep” God in reserve as a “just-in-case” insurance policy if they find themselves in a dire situation ie, OMG!

A cunning article can do a lot of damage to public perceptions and their inherent fears and all believers should be aware of the impact that these have on the general society to whom we must reach out to bring to God. We must counter the assertion that an extinction-level impact is inevitable. Not so! God created the world and he did so to achieve a very specific outcome. No-thing, no matter what it is, will take the control of this planet away from God. We should have no fear and be single minded about our trust in Him.

Should we be looking up to the heavens? Yes we should! But not to watch the manifestations of the earthly machines mankind insists on blasting up into the cosmos; we should instead be looking up to God who put the cosmos there in the first place.

The Earth will exist for as long as God pleases and over the course of the thousands of years yet to come it will not be removed off its foundations. There are millions of souls yet to be saved and there are billions who have unbelief issues with what is in the Bible. Hence we will never be destitute of opportunity to reach out to someone around us.