Blog: The Royal Priesthood of All Believers

Good Christian men and women of the World. Our Lord Jesus Christ has brought us into ministry for the Kingdom of God and made us all priests in the Royal Priesthood of the Order of King Melchizedek. Stand up and become that which the Lord has appointed you to be – we are the priesthood to our High Priest, the Lord of our Salvation, Jesus Christ unto God our Father and there be no man that can appoint themselves between the Royal Priesthood of believers and their High Priest in heaven who sits at the right hand of God’s throne.

There are no divisions in our priesthood for we are all the same believing by faith that Jesus Christ died for our sins and was raised from the dead on the third day; seen by many after he was glorified and swept up to be in heaven with our Father God. There is no legitimate God ordained church separated unto Paul or to John, Mark, Andrew, Timothy, Luke, Chloe, Sosthenes, Apollos, Peter, Matthew or any other disciple of our Lord. These are all the works of cunning man, dividers of the Lord’s congregation to plunder souls away from their due reward.

The only true church in this world under God our Father in heaven is the Royal Priesthood of all believers after the order of Melchizedek, King of Salem of whom our Lord Jesus Christ is our High Priest forever. Do not be tricked by the cunning of man seeking his own power and glory. You have a strong advocate in our Lord who is one with God our Father and who paid the price for our sins. Walk in the Kingdom of God through your life with the power of your salvation seeking to reflect the Lord in everything you do.

No man has the power or right before God to step in between you and your High Priest. Jesus Christ is High Priest to all believers and the author of our salvation from the beginning of time. It is only through Jesus our Lord that we will be redeemed to heaven – there is no other authority in heaven or in the earth that can change this truth.

To God be the glory for all the things he has done.

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3 Romans 16:17-18