The Etymology of the Hebrew Language

If we want to go right back in time we would be seeing a population of Hominin man on the planet who had been here for about 500,000 years.  This is accounted in Genesis 1:27.  Most notably we would recognise the names of the three recent specie, Cro-Magnon, Neanderthal and Denisovan Man, and we know from scientific fossil evidences found that they were not particularly prolific across the world as some may suggest, and secondly, even after 500,000 years they were still locked in their primitivism and never rose above the status of a hand-to-mouth hunter gatherer. 

Come forward to circa 4,000 BC and the appearance of Adam and Eve on Earth (Genesis 2:7), and everything changed for the world. From their time in the Garden Eastward of Eden Adam and Eve were the antitheses of Hominin man.