The Redemption Plan

When we speak or hear of the word Redemption it would be fair to say that most people would immediately bring to mind God redeeming sinful man from the face of this planet to be in heaven through the power of Salvation as wrought through Jesus Christ our Lord on the cross at Calvary: And of course we all accept this.

But the magnitude and volume of how much detail we are missing about this subject is astonishing.  For some, this will be more of a legacy of childhood memories of sermons that had been précised for young ears and for others it will be a lack of teaching other than it was just another step on the road to our salvation when we pass from this life to the next. The religious-jargon being; I believe and am saved – God will redeem me, and it is these prose that tend to block one’s mind when reading the scriptures. As the saying goes, we read past the words and miss the very detail that the scripture is endeavouring to transmit.

Thus, the majority of us have missed a very large and significant proportion of the story and hence we have not been able to register any understanding about how or why redemption works and from whence it originated.  Most think its origins are in the fall of man and we “sort of” think that we need to be saved for our own benefit.  But how wrong this is, and again it shows that the truth of this matter has been hidden by the over use of jargon in the Christian dialogue.  We all know the mantra.  “You gotta get saved or you’re gonna go to hell!”