The Priesthood Covenant of Judah is Mankind’s Only Hope

It is something that we all have read – but it is also something that we (well most of us anyway) have also not read very well.  How’s that for a starter?  Who would have thought that the Levitical priesthood would not produce the high priest figure for the Royal Priesthood of the order of King Melchizedec that would take mankind into Salvation?  Surely we would have thought that the Levitical Covenant was forever and the Levitical priesthood would see their Salvation and lead all others into belief along the way.

So, are we touching on some fringe ideology just for the humbug value of upsetting our Jewish cousins?  And even that is another good question that might otherwise stoke up some red hot coals out of the blacksmith’s forge.  The reality of the title of this article sits very clearly in plain sight within our Hebrew and Greek scriptures and hence the opening sentence.