Blog: The Tower of Babel – Quest for the gods

The voice over the speaker is crisp and to the point, “T minus nine minutes and holding”.  This is the final determination point for the launch window’s “go/no go” check that all is good-to-go.  This is a planned moment for “let’s just re-run the numbers” prior to hitting the Go Button – and the waiting is an exercise in patience.  But it is also an intense and gripping time for the NASA engineers and technicians as they work their way through the check list to make their decision. 

And Yes! The speaker cuts in with the ever steady voice, “T minus nine minutes and counting.”

The launch sequence resumes its count-down. T minus 7: Retract orbiter access arm”. T minus 5: Start Auxiliary power units. T minus 3: Start orbiter aero-surface profile test and main engine gimbal profile test.

The sequence winds its way down the list “T minus 31 seconds: Ground launch sequencer is go for auto sequence start”. 

The wait is intense but now it’s over.  T-6 seconds: Start engines, T-0: Solid rocket booster ignition; And “Oh Wow! Lift off.”

The world watched as the Apollo rocket rose from its Cape Kennedy launch pad on a billowing cloud of burnt rocket fuel like a weightless towering chimney as it roars through the atmosphere trailing its conduit of thick heavy smoke: And the noise?  Thousands of thundering blast waves assaulting your chest and stomach as it crackles out of its comfortable cradle on the launch pad.


Not a lot has outwardly changed with these launches, perhaps not having as much media coverage these days has dampened the enthusiasm as they all become a bit, you know, ho-hum here they go again. But certainly the world watches and wonders after these heroes of the modern age as they come and go in and out of our world doing the bidding of their masters into the cosmos.

But have you had any thoughts about what this is all about?  Are the nations of the world spending trillions of dollars to simply shoot an enormous man-carrying arrow up into the sky and hope that it doesn’t come down for a couple of days or months just for kudos?  And why is the world pursuing it so aggressively?  Is there some (misguided) vain hope that mankind can live on some other planet? And if so: Why? 

So, let’s run some metrics over this to be clear about what space travel really looks like.  To get to the moon in a very cramped and weight debilitated craft it takes three days.  Double that to come back!  To Mars it takes seven months and this is just a tiny box; not a man carrying spacecraft with food, water, and everything else that a group of astronauts would need to make this seven month journey outbound– and seven months coming back with anything up to a further year waiting for a launch window that would sling them onto the correct trajectory to strike planet Earth. 

The nearest star to our Sun is Alpha Centauri B.  It is 40,208,000,000,000 kilometres away and it would take another tiny craft one hundred years to travel that distance.  Much-much more if it had to carry crew, supplies, medical capabilities, primary food sources – including water, and let’s not go with procreation.  But here is the point of the metrics; for a journey of another tiny box to get to Proxima Centauri, our nearest solar system outside of our own, it would take 73,000 years.  This is longer than modern homo-sapiens have existed: And can we put a time period for this journey? Not even with jesting – and let’s not get bogged down in the fiction of warp speed travel at the press of a button or worm holes interlinking a wrapped space time dimension.  There is no pun intended to say for the healthy and wise management of the human race as a whole we must keep our feet on the ground about what is future and what is folly. A wise man knows this difference.

You might well ask a Dorothy Dix question here: “How does anyone know what is folly and what is future?”  And the answer is a little surprising.  “Because what we are talking about has already been done in a past time and was deemed back then a folly.”

Well I can hear the laughs from here in my wintry study as the winds gust up and the rains shower on the corrugated roof.  But herein is wisdom and if we get this right – this time – we may deliver a great bonus for the human race going forward into a future where many will be facing an uncertain longevity. 

Now let’s juxtapose to this other event; similar in human desire to gather the whole world to speak the same (scientific) language and reach way up into the cosmos where the heavenly bodies revolve[1]. This stratospheric endeavour was in its time at the cutting edge of engineering methods and research and was on track to be of some success; and that was to build a structure so high that it could reach the stars.  The population back then most certainly lacked knowledge about the heavens and neither had they any modern era technology, for instance a Hubble Telescope or vehicles of levitation that could fly so high they could not be seen by the naked eye.  You get my drift?

Yet despite all of these set-backs the then whole world was motivated to believe they could build such a structure that would achieve their objective to “get up there” and………….?    Well okay, what were they hoping to do?

The answer to that question is not obvious, but given that in this period the leader of this ideological persuasion would have known in specific detail about the God of Adam and the Garden Eastward[2] of Eden, about the great flood and Noah’s monumental tasking to build the Ark and fill it and then survive the deluge of the planet at God’s hand all because of the total failure and breakdown of humankind to live a sustainable life going forward.

Here we introduce Nimrod, son of Cush, son of Ham, son of Noah. We observe Nimrod in his prominence[3] commencing approximately fifty years after the great deluge had subsided.  Record of his achievements over a period of a further fifty years are scant but to the point after which details about him are lost to history somewhere during the lifetime of Peleg[4].

There are some very important lessons humankind should learn from this early period and in particular the ideology of reaching up into the heavens – ostensibly to see what was there, but underlying this quest was the tantalising inner voice speaking to him saying, “Come up here and meet with the gods.”[5]  And we can say this with some substance because Nimrod and the whole population of the world would have heard first-hand accounts of the pre-flood events that occurred in the world and details of the Flood. Noah lived for three hundred and fifty years after the flood[6] and was still living when Abraham (Abram) was born, so Nimrod had direct access and contact with Noah.

From the history accounts Nimrod would also have heard of what occurred to bring Adam and Eve (Chavah) into the world that was then inhabited by Hominin Stone-Age man.[7] Nimrod would have been taught the genesis and history of the world from the very Beginnings that were held in memory retention by way of song-lines learned by rote[8] and it is from these great rhetorical memoirs that we today have the Genesis script translated for us.[9] It is in Chapters Two and Three of Genesis that we can grasp the essence of Adam and Eve’s interaction with the heavenly beings with whom they grew up with, in particular the Lord[10] and also again in the case of Cain’s disciplining by the Lord personally.[11]  But the point that becomes relevant from Adam’s song-lines is that he related speaking to the Lord God and also Eve’s involvement with the high angel, Lucifer, in a place that was – up there!  Again, are you getting the drift here?

Of a more insidious nature Noah and his direct family also had first-hand knowledge of the angels who left their first estate and came into this terrestrial domain and corrupted beyond salvaging all of humanity.  Was it these gods Nimrod yearned after having heard the stories of their mighty power and dominion?

Now from our perspective in the year 2021 we know that any structure attached to the ground on this planet is not going to reach the Moon let alone the planets of our solar system. And our advice today would have been: “Yeah-nah mate, you can’t do it” But Nimrod may have been smarter than we give him credit for: after all, those angels are just up there somewhere!

So we are discussing something much-much deeper and far more insidious than piling a few bricks on top of each other. This is where all of humankind today should sit up and take notice of the lesson that the Lord expressly wants us to learn in this generation.  That the good of man is not the good of God; meaning the desires and striving of mankind for what they think they want is not compatible with the pathway in life God has provided for his creation.  And this point exactly typifies that dichotomy. 

It is not the Lord’s abiding-will that man and angel cohabit in the terrestrial universe as we have touched on briefly above. It was a complete disaster when it did occur and but for the Lord’s interdiction to rescue the human race our future was doomed to an inevitable and irretrievable demise:  And listen carefully, nothing has changed – we need to be very careful what we collectively wish for.

At the time of his visit to Babel, the Lord indicated that the Nimrod endeavour was a disaster in waiting[12] and again from our perspective here in AD2021 we have in front of us many examples where humankind has careered off pursuing their own lusts and desires to lead the world and build a tower to “the stratosphere where the heavenly bodies rotate”.  Be amused at all of this, even a little giggle, but the serious issue is that the Lord separated the world population into diverse groups and scattered them abroad across the world to arrest that notion that “nothing will be restrained from them which they imaged to do”.[13]   Now do we realise that Christians have a contrary voice to those worldly notions and as children of the Living God of Creation we have counsel through our Lord Jesus Christ directly to the Lord God.  In other words the whole world is now no longer one single voice.  Christians carry the voice of authority – the Word of God. 

We could also look at cost/benefit issues in relation to undertaking a monumental construction of a brick and mortar tower in terms of labour diversion away from essential services, material waste and nation building with a near zero benefit from the tower itself.  (Ipso facto: it is not possible to build such a tower and critically it doesn’t work.)  We should be applying this logic to today’s tower under construction where everything is pretty well the same.

The Lord came down into terrestrial earth and interdicted the prosecution of Nimrod’s plan to bring the angels back to earth.  His interdiction also prevented the waste and risk to the general society of building a worthless and hollow structure. Nimrod displayed his arrogant independence from the God of his fathers and was taking the world population with him to engage with the angels (as you will) behind God’s back.

But there is an aside.  The Royal blood line of the Seed of Eve was carried by Asshur who with his familial tribe, their families and substance departed from the Kingdom of Nimrod at Babel prior to uprising and anti-God rebellion.[14] Hence Asshur became a contrary voice in that then wicked world in those days and his lineage became the chosen blood line for Jesus’ advent in human form to be born of Mary (Miryam) those thousands of years later.

That the Lord had to interdict Nimrod’s desire is a warning of immense importance to the world today.  We the public might be baffled and misinformed about the current interstellar desires of the world’s leading nations and their true space ambitions.  On the other hand, the Lord God is not so constrained and the consequences of him interdicting into these matters – for a second time, will not be so sweet to the palate. 

The pursuit of these obscene desires of human conduct fly in the face of everyday man, woman and child who are trying to live a life of survival and contribute to a universal community that believes in the song-lines of Adam and the successive elders of the Hebrew tribes who carried them faithfully down the thousands of years from when God walked with man. And subsequently today we can say with great confidence that the Lord God has not changed from that time in the Garden of Eden nor from his visitation to the city and tower construction at Babel. For those who do believe in the Lord God through Jesus Christ we can say unequivocally that Jesus, the divine personification of the Word of God and Saviour to mankind will respond to all who seek him out.  The Christian voice is accordingly very powerful and is directly wired to the Lord God who put paid to Nimrod’s desires to build a city for the angels. The Lord has interdicted many times into this terrestrial universe and will do as many times as he sees necessary to prevent the “whole world” from ever again being unrestrained in their desires.

The Christian voice is saying that if the world today is in reality seeking to meet angels[15] in outer space they are in the wrong medium. Call them aliens and dress them up to be what-ever you might dream up to sound and look impressive, but being located in this terrestrial universe they are not.  Take it from the actual words from the God of all Creation, the universe is concentric around planet Earth in the purposes for which He created them.[16] 

Therefore in answer to the great question if trillions of dollars spent on extending our collective heads up above the clouds to see if aliens are there is future or folly; it is definitely still folly. However the story does not finish with a folly.  The Lord came to the city of Babel and saw the tower and immediately saw through the obvious brick and mortar facade and uncovered the underlying motive of this wicked kingdom to become as gods independent and free from the God of all Creation. 

Well on both accounts Nimrod scored a zero. Apart from “Yeah-nah mate the mortar will crumble”, or for more intelligent comment the Lord knew that such a brick and mortar construction could not succeed, the Lord also saw the subterfuge of Nimrod and the whole world desiring to meet the alien gods; and as history recorded the Lord interdicted accordingly.

To say that science acknowledges the Creation of our universe by the hand of God is not true in any sense and it is their rejection of the God of Adam, Noah and Abraham that allows their minds to be kidnapped from the truth. As we have shown above, the metrics for moving great chunks of the Earth’s population to another planet it is a complete folly. As for the underlying motive, science again cannot seem to understand that they are looking in the totally wrong place.  Interstellar space is not heaven – never has been – and never will be, and all the subterfuge behind all of the space travel is mere hot air in the wind. Nimrod erred and so too is today’s scientific thinking on this matter.

The God of our creation has reached out to mankind in more ways and on innumerable occasions than we could number.  He even personified his words to the human race in Jesus Christ the Lord – but we don’t like that either so we just turn a deaf ear.

Do we recall what became of the conjoined human and angel beings prior to the great flood?  All of the angels who trespassed across the terrestrial-celestial barrier were incarcerated and will be judged for their wickedness with all who do not believe in the resurrection power of the Lord God through Jesus Christ.  If you missed the great flood bit, all air-breathing human beings and animals were drowned in the flood.  They too will similarly go to judgement with the wicked fallen angels.  

There is only one mechanism by which humankind can cohabit with angels (and the Lord God) in a liveable and delightful paradise: And that is by believing in the Lord Jesus Christ and the Words of God he brought to us that offer instructional advice as to how to connect into the unseen world above us.

It was the Lord himself that visited Babel all those thousands of years ago and it was the Lord himself that came to mankind on this planet two thousand years ago; and it will be the Lord God himself who will next time visit humankind again – but then it will be in judgement.

And we can tell you what modern-day alien angel seekers should do, can’t we? “Yeah mate, give it up.”


June 2021   

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[2] Eastward is derived from the original language of God to Adam.  Its meaning is covered in the article : The Garden Eastward of Eden

[3] Genesis 10:10

[4] Peleg is a key person during whose life time the world was split up into groups of different languages. His Great-great Grandfather was Shem, the first born of Noah and his wife.

[5] There is licence on this point on behalf of the author.

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[8] Adam was given the pre-history of the creation of the world by the Lord and that practise of memory retention of the history of the Hebrew blood line continued right down to the time of Moses in the wilderness.

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