A Deeply Concerning Look at Christian Festivals and Holy Days

The integrity of this article demands that there be no pretence of 
denominationalism or religio-asymmetry and focusses our thoughts to 
understanding that in God’s kingdom there is no grey area, but only a singleness 
of white or black separated by an impassable abyss. I refer of course to the 
good of God and the evil of Satan. 
Our discussion has its roots in Genesis 1:3-4, but this passage is somewhat 
blurred from having a crisp and obvious array for temporal understanding, so
we should take a literal translation from the prose as they were passed down 
from God to Adam and subsequently down to a time when literacy was 
introduced into the tribes of Israel by Moses and his scribes. Why I mention 
this is because of the extreme devastation to the Book of Genesis caused by 
hermeneutic rules that were universally agreed upon in order to standardise 
inter-language translations, and has held these particular passages hostage for