Who is Mitochondrial Eve?

I became interested in DNA whilst researching the account of Creation in the Book of Genesis after coming to understand that Genesis 1:26-27 referred to Hominin Man who appeared on Earth about 500,000 years before Adam and Eve, but still registered in DNA samplings as remnant links in today’s population despite the Noah’s Flood event out of which only eight souls survived in the whole world.   I was seeking to understand how modern Science was able to detect this ancient DNA when the throttle point at the devastation brought by Noah’s Flood should have broken the lineage chains.  I was of the notion that Noah, his wife, sons and daughters-in-law were of the pure blood line from Adam and Eve, ie carried the Seed of Eve, and therefore the ancient Hominin chains should have been extinguished.  Along the way of trying to understand all of this I came across the term – Mitochondrial Eve which in my naivety I thought that it must have something to do with Adam and Eve. 

Well that’s what kicked off this article and proved to be a very worthwhile research subject.  So let’s understand the basics.