A Christian Confidence for the Future of our Planet

When we are hearing so much media coverage on the future of our planet in relation to any number of things from impacting asteroids, aliens on the dark side of the moon and to the ever-present issue of climate change, it is generally in the negative sense of a looming extinction event.  As a result, the general societal view has little to have confidence in the future of the planet for their grandchildren and they can only hope for the best, whatever they think that might be. 

Of these, the current issues of climate change confront us every day and if we don’t know to filter out all of the under-qualified comments that are muddying the waters about it, any clarity about the planet’s state of health and its future well being will be utterly lost. The real truth about the universe is how it was brought into being by its creator through Jesus Christ, the living Word of God; and the shame of it all is that this fact is otherwise shunned by the greater majority of humankind and yet it is the master key to unlocking what is going on in our world today.