Does the Apostle Peter Guard the Pearly Gates of Heaven?

“The Apostle Peter Guards the Gates of Heaven and from a Book he decides who can enter therein.” This is Myth Number 26

The myth goes something like this.  To get into heaven when we die we just need to front up to the Pearly Gates and convince Saint Peter that we want in.  We would perhaps regale him with a funny story, or perhaps spin a risqué yarn, and if he thought that he had been suitably regaled he would throw open the gates to eternal life in bliss where every possible want will be provided.

Now as myths go, this is possibly one of the best when it comes to containing very little or no truth at all.  This little scenario above might have some amusing elements in it and we hear it regularly time and time again to the point where very obviously a lot of people out there in the general society don’t know any better.  If they knew God, they would not be so cavalier about their death and the heaven issue.